Terms of Service

Warning: Potential Financial Gain!

We, the management of Prosperity Tribe, welcomes you in the spirit of peace, cooperation and prosperity, to abundance.

Prosperity Tribe is a website, which is set up for individuals to market, shop, and sell income opportunities.  

As members, we recognize that we are in service to our fellow members, when we pass along useful, informative information, and financial opportunities to others.

It is with this in mindset that we go forward and encourage all website visitors and members to openly, and freely share their stories of triumphs and failures in in their personal pursuit of increase financial gain.  Your loss could be someone else’s gain, when you share.

Prosperity Tribe, does not vouch for, nor stake any claims of validity to any ventures advertised by members of this site.

We stress to anyone who chooses to move forward with network membership that they do so with the firm understanding that most, if not all financial ventures, regardless of the claims put forward by the promoting parties, carries with them, the potential for financial loss, as well as gain. Do so only with the full assumption of risk!   

Our goal is to create a safe information sharing social networking environment for site visitors, members and anyone who are seeking to gain financial independence.  

 Each visitor who choose to become a member must do so with the understanding that this website makes no representation as to the validity, and trustworthiness of any claims made by any offers put forth.

It is up to each and every member to do their own due diligence when engaging, corresponding with, and choosing to do business with whomever they may happen to encounter on this website.

If anyone feels that they are being harassed please notify the staff, and we will take appropriate action towards the offending member.

We hope that everyone recognizes the fact that it is a privilege, and not a right, that we are afforded the opportunity to broaden our income opportunities by engaging in conversation with complete strangers in an online environment. It is with this thought in mind that we ask all of site members to take personal responsibility to ensure that our web environment remains stress free and a potential financial rewarding experience for all, by vowing to promote only legal and ethical ventures.

Please feel free to move forward with positive expectations of a rewarding online social networking experience. Take all appropriate steps that you may deem necessary to ensure one’s personal and financial safety when choosing to engage in any business activity with an entity that one encounters on this, and any website.

Sincerely the management of Prosperity Tribe.net.