About Us

Prosperity Tribe is a website for individuals who are seeking, or promoting residual income opportunities.

We are a network comprised of individuals who have banded together in the spirit of ever increasing income opportunities.
Each member pledges to help fellow members in their individual quest for financial gain by either promoting an opportunity which carries with it the potential for legitimate financial gain, or by passing along useful information which may aid another member who is seeking such opportunities.

We recognize that by working in a capacity of assistance we increase our own chances of accomplishing our own personal goal of increased income earnings.

Members of this website take a pledge of promoting opportunities which are legal and carry with them the very real possibility of legitimate earning potential.
While we recognize the fact that we cannot guarantee an individual’s level of success or failure, each opportunity promoted does indeed represent the distinct possibility of financial gain. 

Any member who knowingly engage in, or pass along information promoting scam opportunities will be banned from this website.

As a member of the tribe it is our collective duty to promote a healthy and useful environment in which our fellow members can prosper and pass along this prosperity to others in the spirit of cooperation, generosity and abundance.